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Converting WoW-Heroes to GS


TL;DR:  it isn’t a ratio – but can be approximated by a simple equation,  GearScore = 1.64 * WoW-Heroes + 859.55

(Note:  not the score that includes gems and enchants, just the score from gear.)

More than a few people seem confused about how to convert their WoW-Heroes “score” into a GearScore rating.  So, I collected data on the WoW-Heroes and GearScores of 50 people sitting around Dalaran.  I checked that each character was in the same spec, that weapon/trinket slots were the same, and that wow-heroes had been updated recently.   The results:

The above plots the data I’ve collected, and the line of best fit from a simple regression.  Pretty much all you need for fairly accurate conversion between the two systems is to ditch the enchant/gem component of WoW-Heroes (which the site does automatically!).  But – and this is pretty cool – the plotted line isn’t a simple ratio.

Why an equation and not a ratio?  If you look closely at the plot above, the ratio between WoW-Heroes and GearScore declines, at higher levels of gear.  For players below 4k GS, 2.1 is a more accurate ratio, while for players above 5500 GS, 1.93 is more accurate. Hence the (estimated regression) equation,

GearScore = 1.64 * WowHeroes + 859.55

[Warning:  Math Geek content]  The declining ratio between WH and GS is statistically significant, even given the limited sample size.  I’m pretty certain that this isn’t a linear relationship – but given that I don’t observe many players with gearscores below 3.5k, its hard to make better inferences.