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Rag: Rebooted


If given the chance to start all over, there are some things I know.

  • I’d still be a druid (on this, there is no contest).  Other than our silly inability to use costumes, druids are the perfect class.  You may disagree, but I’m fine with that.  There are, after all, other raid buffs to bring.
  • I’d still be a tank in pugs and heroics.  Its a gluttony for pain thing, but I love the role.
  • I’d swap to raid as a doomchicken.  I’d do this now, but at the moment, my feral gear is just too good, and we can’t afford the loss of the dps.

There is, however, one big thing I don’t know.  Horde?  or Alliance?

For me, Cairne is the embodiment of the Horde.

As a young druid, I remember being taught how to bring balance to Mulgore and heal the earthmother’s wounds.  I remember curing the gazelle caught in the corruption of the Barrens.  I remember learning to fight for our home – fending off the dwarves and goblins that would rather exploit the land, instead of living in harmony with it.  I remember fighting against the corrupted savagery that Azeroth could produce:  defeating waves of centaur, harpies, and quillboar.  I remember – with great pride – defeating the nightmare that had captured Naralex, and corrupted the barrens itself.

Strangely, despite only talking to him once – to finish the rights of the Earthmother – I associate all of this with our leader, Cairne.

For me, it was Cairne’s wisdom and valor that ensured the survival of the Tauren.  I don’t know how I came to this conclusion, I just did.  Cairne was my model tauren:  wise, attuned to the ways of the world, and honorable.

And so I sought to behave like Cairne would, while leveling along. The vengeance quests of the undead were never my style – I loved zones like Feralas or Desolace, where the purpose of the Horde was clearer.  Even though I loved the PvP, I shunned the TM quests, they just weren’t my style.

I should say – I’ve never actively RP’d.  This just gave me a good sense of my character.

That said, there are rumors of… changes in Cataclysm (spoilers in the link).

That is the end of the Horde I love.

I’ve played the early Night Elf levels as a druid.  They seem comparable – the same fight against corruption (though, this time, started by the Elves themselves).  The same noble leaders to respect.  The same ever-present threats.

But – I just can’t bring myself to abandon the Horde.

I do wish they hadn’t changed Test of Lore. Then it’d be easy. (Once upon a time, if you answered incorrectly, you’d become hostile to Horde NPCs. One Garrosh raid would solve a number of my problems.)

So, same druid, same tank, with a moonkin twist (and potential shadowmeld).