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Converting WoW-Heroes to GS


TL;DR:  it isn’t a ratio – but can be approximated by a simple equation,  GearScore = 1.64 * WoW-Heroes + 859.55

(Note:  not the score that includes gems and enchants, just the score from gear.)

More than a few people seem confused about how to convert their WoW-Heroes “score” into a GearScore rating.  So, I collected data on the WoW-Heroes and GearScores of 50 people sitting around Dalaran.  I checked that each character was in the same spec, that weapon/trinket slots were the same, and that wow-heroes had been updated recently.   The results:

The above plots the data I’ve collected, and the line of best fit from a simple regression.  Pretty much all you need for fairly accurate conversion between the two systems is to ditch the enchant/gem component of WoW-Heroes (which the site does automatically!).  But – and this is pretty cool – the plotted line isn’t a simple ratio.

Why an equation and not a ratio?  If you look closely at the plot above, the ratio between WoW-Heroes and GearScore declines, at higher levels of gear.  For players below 4k GS, 2.1 is a more accurate ratio, while for players above 5500 GS, 1.93 is more accurate. Hence the (estimated regression) equation,

GearScore = 1.64 * WowHeroes + 859.55

[Warning:  Math Geek content]  The declining ratio between WH and GS is statistically significant, even given the limited sample size.  I’m pretty certain that this isn’t a linear relationship – but given that I don’t observe many players with gearscores below 3.5k, its hard to make better inferences.


Measuring DPS performance


For one of my WoW data projects, I’ve been putting a bit of thought into how to measure the quality of DPS in a pug.   I’ve been doing this for a while – but realized that my measure misses a key component.  I want a measure that weights overall damage done, but penalizes for pulling aggro from the tank.  (Yup, I left off that last part.  Thats what I get for being a tank…)  My goal is to examine a few myths / thoughts about the new LFD system.

Because I’m the laziest stats guy you’ll ever meet, I’m trying to automate the entire process.

To take screenshots automatically, to measure DPS / gearscore / time in que, I’m using a screenshotting mod.

I’m using recount and gearscore to record the damage-done and gear levels of the group (recorded via the screenshotter above).

What I need is a mod that lets me record the percentage of time that a DPS had aggro…  I don’t think I can do this with Omen… unless I can take screenshots at given intervals, and estimate from that?

If someone stops by and knows the answer, you’d totally make my day.  I’d really love something that shows the percentage of time a given DPS took aggro, and stores that information throughout the run.

Every runeblade corrupts!


I know that this is terrible…

But I’ve become tempted to switch my main.

And this is why.

Stupid corrupting blades….

I’m thinking that if I take two more alts to 80 (not too difficult, I have two more 70s I should probably level anyway), then I can easily get 6 primordial saronite a week (on average).

At the end of the month, I’d have enough primordial saronite to craft the 2h.

Throw in the purchase of a couple primordial saronite, and bam, I’d have it done.

The world would be mine!  All mine!….

And deathknights outdps druids anyway!  It’d be for the good of the guild, I swear…

Oh right.  8k achievement points on my main.



Getting to Know Ya


I’m an old-timer. I’ve been playing since March 2005, my first character was a druid that I leveled as resto, in caster form, killing creatures by hitting things with a mace. Yup, things are that different. I still remember timing corehound spawns, and spec’ing for innervate, just so I could use it on the priest. (Ewwwww!). I also remember rolling a rogue alt, simply because the grind to 60 was faster than killing anything as a healer.

Through it all, I’ve played with the same group of friends. And (at least since the beginning of TBC), we’ve settled into the same guild.

I have 4 level 80 characters, with a range of gear levels.

5493 – cat / bear druid
5149 – blood tank / blood dps DK
4280 – MM / BM hunter
3886 – ret / prot pally

A few of my favorite things:

I love making leveling a challenge, and so I have a number of special-purpose alts. A hunter with 1 defense rating, a character I’m leveling with 0 deaths (on a pvp server, 6th(?) time must be a charm), a druid I xp-cap and use to tank low-level instances…

I love data. I collect data on everything. Not to min-max, just to play with charts and graphs. Oh yeah, I’m a geek.

I love lore. I make backstories for my characters – and I’m not on an RP server. Example. Once upon a time, my main was a gnome alchemist tinkering in Stonetalon Mountains.  He mixed an elune stone with a Winterfall Firewater potion, just to see what happened. The explosion landed him in Stonebull Lake, with amnesia and 100% more cowform. His name comes from the scream the villagers heard as he landed in the lake. The incident has left him with some odd personality quirks, including finding the Orb of Deception oddly comforting.

Oh, and I love tanking pugs.

Whats in this blog?

Descriptions of random ideas / projects in WoW.

Data-driven examinations of popular WoW myths.

Whatever else comes to my increasingly random mind.

Hopefully that excites someone out there in the interwebbed pipe-system thingy.  Or at least I can keep this stuff organized… my brains get scrambled with all this stuff hopping around – it is worse than keeping track of my cat druid’s dps rotations.