Sundering Along: The Next Generation

After 5 years of playing Horde side, I made a gnome warrior.

My friends and I turned to the dark side are checking out how the the other half lives.  Personally, I’m curious to discover why Varian Wyrn isn’t a raidboss we get to kill for loot and put his head on a stick.  (Slaughtering him for a bear isn’t enough.  I want a trinket called “Varian’s Ego” with a tooltip:  “Suffocates the room with self-righteous fury.  Chance to make party members kill you out of sheer annoyance.”  It could be a two-boss raid.  I nominate Garrosh.)

Despite my newfound love of reading quest text – its new! – I hopped back into LFD, because I needed a tanking high.  I’m leveling with a sword, a board, and in prot spec.  Some things, I suppose, never change.

Bad call.

I encountered what is hands-down the worst healer I’ve ever seen in 5 years of playing WoW.

Perhaps you think I kid?

I do not.

I zone in, and do the usual healer check to guess the pace I should pull the instance.  He’s in gear with no bonus int or spellpower.  Cool.  Probably a good idea to take it safe, since I’m new to Alliance-side myself and untwinked.  With no other casters, running SFK is a great opportunity to gear up a healer.

Uhoh, Righteous Fury is up.  Not a big deal – I usually produce enough threat that it doesn’t really matter – just something to mention to save future tanks some headache.  The silent refusal to take off Righteous Fury is a little strange… but no harm, no foul.

Time to pull.

Bam, the Worgen is taunted off me.  Hand of Reckoning, how I despise you.  “Mind not taunting them off me? Reckoning does damage, but is a taunt.”  Ugh.  No response, more taunting.  Even still, I guess, I can taunt it back.  So, irksome, but livable.  No need to prod more, it’d just drive everyone crazy.

This brings me to the bad part.

The rogue (as rogues often do) was bouncing forward and had pulled something new.  Charge, thunderstomp, they’re mine… but oh crud I’m almost dead.  Yay lifebloom + potion + cooldowns.

We live.  I exhale, and eat some food.

Next pull, the rogue lets me get first.  The rogue being mostly dead, I figure this is a subtle healer trick to keep the dps tame.

I was wrong.

The healer didn’t heal me.  To the point that the rest of the group kept asking him to heal.  Reminding him to heal.  Begging him to heal.  To add insult to ignoring my injuries:  he even judged wisdom.  Sure, I had a full stock of bandages, a nice stack of healing potions, and a lifebloom cooldown.  I’m also an obsessive cook, which was great once everything was dead…

But that doesn’t mean I’m a healer.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it when healers contribute some damage.  Speeds things along, keeps the game interesting, I get it.  But… we still need a healer.  Please.  Like, when I have 100 hp, and the curse does around 200 damage a tick.  Now is a great time to heal.  Not to taunt another pull.

Oh yes he did.

Thank goodness for whoever bandaged me while the ghost-wolves descended upon us and I desperately ate the last of my food.

Alas, the healer never said a thing.  (How do you ignore someone that never speaks?  I never ignore people, so this is new territory for me.)


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