Measuring DPS performance

For one of my WoW data projects, I’ve been putting a bit of thought into how to measure the quality of DPS in a pug.   I’ve been doing this for a while – but realized that my measure misses a key component.  I want a measure that weights overall damage done, but penalizes for pulling aggro from the tank.  (Yup, I left off that last part.  Thats what I get for being a tank…)  My goal is to examine a few myths / thoughts about the new LFD system.

Because I’m the laziest stats guy you’ll ever meet, I’m trying to automate the entire process.

To take screenshots automatically, to measure DPS / gearscore / time in que, I’m using a screenshotting mod.

I’m using recount and gearscore to record the damage-done and gear levels of the group (recorded via the screenshotter above).

What I need is a mod that lets me record the percentage of time that a DPS had aggro…  I don’t think I can do this with Omen… unless I can take screenshots at given intervals, and estimate from that?

If someone stops by and knows the answer, you’d totally make my day.  I’d really love something that shows the percentage of time a given DPS took aggro, and stores that information throughout the run.


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