Every runeblade corrupts!

I know that this is terrible…

But I’ve become tempted to switch my main.

And this is why.

Stupid corrupting blades….

I’m thinking that if I take two more alts to 80 (not too difficult, I have two more 70s I should probably level anyway), then I can easily get 6 primordial saronite a week (on average).

At the end of the month, I’d have enough primordial saronite to craft the 2h.

Throw in the purchase of a couple primordial saronite, and bam, I’d have it done.

The world would be mine!  All mine!….

And deathknights outdps druids anyway!  It’d be for the good of the guild, I swear…

Oh right.  8k achievement points on my main.




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